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Sazabi's Cobalt Redeemer
Cryptic Sword
One-Handed Sword (Range 2)
Required Level: 82
Required Strength: 184
Durability: 88
+400% Enhanced Damage
Adds 250-500 Cold Damage
+50% Increased Attack Speed
+200% Damage to Demons
+30 to Dexterity
+5 to Strength

Cold Absorb 5%
-10% to Enemy Cold Resistance
Socketed (3)
Sazabi's Ghost Liberator
Balrog Skin
Defense: 780-830
Required Level: 78
Required Strength: 165
Durability: 60
+400 Defense
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+30 to Strength
+300 to Attack Rating vs. Demons
+100 to Life
Damage Reduced by 10%
Fire Absorb 5%

-10% to Enemy Fire Resistance
Socketed (3)
Sazabi's Mental Sheath
Defense: 200-230
Required Level: 76
Required Strength: 108
Durability: 48
+1 to All Skills
+100 Defense
Resist All +25-30%
Fire Resist +30%
Lightning Resist +30%
Cold Resist +30%
Socketed (3)

Partial Set Bonuses:
+50% Increased Run Speed (2 Items Equipped)
Ignore Target's Defense (2 Items Equipped)

Full Set Bonuses:
+3 to All Skills
Resist All +30%

10% Life Stolen per Hit
10% Mana Stolen per Hit
Increased Maximum Life 50%
Increased Maximum Mana 50%
15% Chance of Deadly Strike